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Do ensure that use of this guide by individuals and organisations is accompanied by standard training on suicide awareness, prevention and postvention. 

Who is this resource for?

What do we mean by "front-line worker"?

We are using this term to mean anybody who may be interacting with patients/public in a professional capacity, and who may engage in conversations or consultations around suicide prevention. This may include:

How was it produced?

This resource was developed in collaboration with representatives of six faith traditions, as well as front-line workers and people with lived experience.

This work has been supported by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster City Council as part of a wider project looking at suicide prevention and faith and belief.

Content was developed via a series of one-to-one interviews, one listening workshop, one larger design workshop, and editing contributions from an expert panel throughout Summer–Autumn 2023.

This work was made possible through funding from the VCSE Health and Wellbeing Alliance, jointly managed by the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England, and the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

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