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Key organisations and resources

Key organisations.

Samaritans offer a 24/7 helpline providing emotional support to anyone in distress.

The National Suicide Prevention Alliance are an alliance of over 1,700 organisations active in suicide prevention.

Hub of Hope are a mental health support network with services searchable by postcode.

Good Thinking offer mental health and wellbeing support tailored to particular communities, including faith communities.

Thrive LDN have a resource page to support community mental health and wellbeing.

AtALoss are a UK bereavement signposting website, including bereavement resources and counsellor helpline.

James’ Place is a charity offering free, life-saving treatment to suicidal men at their centres in Liverpool, London and Newcastle. Their treatment is proven effective, quick to access and delivered in a safe, friendly, non-clinical environment by trained, professional therapists.

Faith-informed support for Christians.

The Mental Health Access Pack is a concise collection of articles about mental health and the Christian faith, from The Mind and Soul Foundation.

The Bereavement Journey programme is offered widely by Christians and church communities for people who have been bereaved whether recently or long ago, including supporting those who have been bereaved by suicide. The final, optional session on Faith Questions in Bereavement deals specifically with Christian faith issues related to suicide (see below).

Sanctuary Mental Health offer a free course for churches wanting on promoting good mental health.

Premier Lifeline is the largest phone support and prayer line for Christians in the UK. All staff are mental health trained.

Faith-informed support for Muslims.

Supporting Humanity is an award-winning charity providing mental health and bereavement support to those in need.

Eclectic House offers a range of services but specialises in holistic/Islamic therapy which incorporates western counselling and the philosophy of the human mind, body, heart, and soul.

Inspirited Minds are a grassroots faith-based charity tackling stigma and raising awareness while providing confidential support for all backgrounds.

The Muslim Community Helpline are a national organisation for women, men, young people, and children, providing a listening and emotional support service for members of the Muslim community in the United Kingdom.

The Muslim Counsellor and Psychotherapist Network (MCAPN) is a directory of Muslim counsellors/psychotherapists and Islamic counselling services in the UK.

Sakoon Islamic Counselling Services are a team of qualified counsellors and psychotherapists with access to legal and Islamic advisors, offering services in mental health, individual, couples and family counselling.

Muslim Women Network UK (MWNUK) operate a national specialist faith and culturally-sensitive helpline that is confidential and non-judgmental, offering information, support, guidance and referrals for those who are suffering from or at risk of abuse or facing problems on a range of issues.

Muslim Youth Helpline provides faith and culturally-sensitive support at the point of crisis for those that need emotional support and signposting. Targeted for young people but open to all ages.

Mindworks UK offer psychotherapy, coaching, theatre & therapy, faith-based therapy, and coaching.

Muslim-tailored mental health and wellbeing apps



Muslim Moodfit

Wellbeing publications

Five ways to good mental wellbeing and Islam

Bereavement and post-vention

How to respond to a suicide in the Muslim community, by Dr Rania Awaad

Islam and bereavement

Muslim Bereavement Support Service facilitates a confidential multilingual environment to support the bereavement process in line with the Qur’an and Hadith. They also work with the NHS, hospices and other organisations to give a spiritual context to the bereavement support services they offer

Faith-informed support for Sikhs.

Sikh Your Mind are an organisation seeking to raise awareness of mental health in the Sikh community and improving understanding of local NHS, private and voluntary sector support services.

Sikh Helpline are a trusted point of contact for those dealing with a range of issues, including cultural and social taboos, with their 24/7 free professional and confidential telephone counselling and email inquiry service.

Good Thinking Network feature resources to support mental health developed in collaboration with different faith traditions.

Taraki provides mental health support to Punjabi communities, helping to tackle stigma and navigating health systems, through media, training, peer support, research and policy.

Journey of Compassion are an organisation focused on offering support, advice and community throughout life’s journeys and struggles, providing faith-informed advice and guidance, retreats, courses and contemplation sessions.

Sehhat is a non–profit organisation, built from lived experiences to challenge the current mindset on mental health and suicide for the Sikh and Punjabi communities, providing bilingual educational resources, workshops, toolboxes and more. Sehhat has spent six years supporting the community across the United Kingdom with their core project, Sikh Forgiveness. 

Faith-informed support for Buddhists.

Buddhanet provides a searchable database of Buddhist temple/centres/groups in the UK and worldwide.

The Buddhist Society has an ad-hoc mailbox available for the purpose of advising on chaplaincy.

Faith-informed support for Jews.

Jami offers a mental health service for adults and young people.

The Interlink Foundation work closely with the orthodox Jewish community and can offer support and advice regarding referring to organisations serving this community.

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